CmirC collects miRNAs related information from databases listed below. We are grateful to these open resources.

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Other useful resources for miRNA and miRNA clusters

Sr. No Website/database Description PMID
1 MetaMirClust Provides comprehensive information about the conservation of miRNA clusters in animal genomes 22735742
2 miRBase Searchable database of published miRNA sequences and annotation 30423142
3 miRTarbase The experimentally validated microRNA-target interactions database 31647101
4 FANTOM5 Atlases of mammalian promoters, enhancers, lncRNAs and miRNAs 28451981
5 MethHC 2.0 Integrated and web-based resource focusing on the aberrant methylomes of human diseases, specifically cancer 33270889
6 DriverDBv3 Cancer multiomics database 31701128
7 miRCancer Provides comprehensive collection of microRNA (miRNA) expression profiles in various human cancers from published literature 31701128
8 miRactDB Resource for the cancer and genomics communities to screen, prioritize and rationalize their candidates of miRNA-gene interactions 32436932
9 miR-TV Resource for miRNA Expression 31950188
10 miRDB Online database for miRNA target prediction and functional annotations 31504780
11 MIENTURNET Interactive web tool for microRNA-target enrichment and network-based analysis 31684860


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