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About CmirC

The major regulators of clustered microRNA (miRNA) expression are genomic rearrangements and copy number variations (CNVs). In cancer, abnormal expression of clustered miRNAs can result in oncogenic or tumor suppressor activity. Also, numerous clustered miRNAs are reported around chromosomal fragile regions and cancer-related genomic hotspots. Hence we have developed CmirC, a comprehensive database of clustered miRNAs associated with CNV regions. The database consists of clustered miRNAs co-localized with CNVs and their expression pattern in 35 cancer types of the TCGA. In the current version of CmirC we analyzed 12496 CNVs and 10461 miRNA expression samples.
This portal provides information on chromosome fragile sites (CFSs), cluster candidates, genomic coordinates, target gene networks, and gene functionality. The web server is integrated with advanced tools such as JBrowse, NCBI BLAST, GeneSCF, visNetwork, and NetworkD3 to help the researchers in data analytics, visualization, and browsing. Alongside, we have built CmiRClustFinder v2.0, an upgraded version of the previous standalone pipeline (CmiRClustFinder v1.0) which allows users to analyze CNV datasets.

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- CmirC published (Pubmed ID:36287286)

- CmiRClustFinder v2.0 released August 2022

- CmirC v1.0 database released August 2022

- CmiRClustFinder v1.0 published (Pubmed ID:35845108)

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