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  • CpG

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  • SNPs in miRNA
  • SNPs in CpG Island
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In 1CMDb classified all SNPs present in one carbon metabolism pathway into, synonymous and non-synonymous, and further subclassified non synonymous into sense or missense. We annotated SNPs with their respective CNVs,CpG islands and miRNAs. Insilico prediction of SNPs to sort disease causing SNPs from neutral SNPs. The present study, we compiled 12553 SNPs, 274 CNVs, 88 CpG Islands and 90 miRNAs. A detailed data of SNPs, CNVs, CpG islands and miRNAs for 48 folate pathway genes were compiled. Also compiled for all pathway genes were the SNPs in CNVs (9670), CpG (984), miRNA (14).

Chromosomal distribution of Genes Figure.1