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Data science is an essential part of research that enables extraction of meaning and interpretation of results from the pool of existing data. Easy availability of openly available big data in the modern era primes the way for discoveries like never before. This workshop is open to all who are venturing into big data science. The workshop will provide knowledge and skills necessary in the area of Health, Big Data Science and Bioinformatics. Starting from familiarization of the participants with the tools available in R for data analysis and visualization, workshop plans to cover the essential exploratory techniques required for further development of more complex statistical models and multivariate statistical techniques used to visualize high-dimensional data. Mastering these skills will aid professional development and help to dive deeper into the genomics of big data.


Open to students, research scholars, PhD students, academic faculty, industry personnel and individuals with an interest in analysis and visualization of biological big data.

Workshop Contents

    Introduction to an open source software for data analysis R
    Exploratory graphing techniques
    Exploring open online genomic data
    Essential data processing techniques
    Building of data classification and prediction models


    Dr. Asha Kamath

    HOD, Department of Statistics, PSPH, MAHE

    Dr. Bobby Paul

    HOD, Department of Bioinformatics, SLS, MAHE


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