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School of Life Sciences (SOLS) was started as an independent institute of Manipal Academy of Higher Education in the year 2006. The mission statement of the School is to engage in cutting edge research, training, education and offer help to the community in the field of human health. The School is associated with three major activities: education, research and diagnostics. The Department of Biotechnology of the School performs state-of-the-art research and developmental activities in the area of human health. Department of Cell and Molecular Biology performs genetic and molecular diagnosis of human diseases. Department of Radiation Biology and Toxicology examines the chemo prevention and reduction of the toxic effects of radiation; while the Department of Biophysics tests lasers for applications such as diagnosis of cancer. Department of Aging Research looks at DNA repair mechanisms and their alterations in age related human diseases. The focus of research at Department of Plant Sciences is to translate research outcome on economically important plants for human health. The big data acquired from genomics, proteomics and metabolomics research programs related to human health are dealt by the Department of Bioinformatics. The Department of Public Health and Genomics trains students in the area of promoting human public health with multidisciplinary approach (Genomics, Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences).

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