The 1-CMDb is a curated collection of genes, associated polymorphisms and genetic variations in genomic elements that are involved in the different phases of one carbon metabolism. We have 48 genes in 1-CMDb which are linked with one carbon metabolism processes and their functions. Each record contains detailed information regarding polymorphism location (chromosome, start, stop), function, genomic elements (miRNA/CNV/CpG Islands), and interacting genomic elements. Also, links to other public databases are provided to support the inclusion of the SNPs in the database and establish their association with one carbon metabolism.


Targeted Bisulfite Sequencing Pipeline, is an interactive web tool and a standalone package that enables biologists to effectively analyze the Bisulfite Sequencing data and report the methylation at each CpG site.It enables the researcher to determine the methylation ratio in each CpG site, It also prepares heatmaps with which researcher can visually differentiate methylated and unmethylated regions in the data.


With Mut-pipe, we present an automated pipeline for the analysis of Sanger sequencing data. Any .ab1 file can be provided as an input for which an electrophrerogram is generated and the mutations are called and annotated.